Skipper DW Prone

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Mid-length quiver killer

Introducing the versatile Apple Skipper DW Prone foil board! This board is a mid-length quiver killer designed for small waves, light winds, heavy winds, and long paddle outs. 

With DNA from our Skipper Downwind shape, it’s fast, agile, and forgiving, making it perfect for all skill levels of Prone Foils and intermediate and advanced Wingers. 

Fly onto foil without sacrificing manoeuvrability or stability! 

Aimed to be ridden without a paddle

Skipper DW ProneThe Skipper DW prone board fills the gap between the smaller Skipper prone and the large volume Skipper Downwind boards. 

The boards design is a scaled down version of the downwind boards, aimed to be ridden without a paddle. So either prone with bare hands with hand paddles or with a wing, depending on the conditions. Skipper DW Prone

Obviously this board is also highly suited for the use with a Foil Drive and similar electrical assist foil propulsion systems. Skipper DW Prone

Fast and efficient

The Apple Skipper DW prone foil board excels in clean long period swells that just crumble or that don’t even break. To catch these types of waves you need a board that is as fast as possible to match the waves’ speed. The Appleskipper DW prone is narrow and long, and at the same time it packs quite a bit of volume. 

The bottom shape is derived from the downwind board range, so it’s a minimal drag design, without a planning hull. The bottom is completely rounded. This makes the Skipper DW prone extremely efficient through the water so you can reach the foil lift speed with ease. Getting onto foil well before a wave starts to break. 

Board features

Foil box moved forward

The longer outline makes for a bit more swing weight than you will have in a normal prone foil board like the Skipper prone or the Pro-Foil V2. But we have moved the box forward significantly, which balances the board out quite a bit.

Longer and narrow outline

The Skipper Dw prone can also be used with a wing, but keep in mind that the board is quite narrow, and naturally unstable, so to get going is not the easiest. The board can be ordered with inserts to make it a bit easier to use with a wing. 

Full carbon construction

As standard, the board comes in the same full carbon construction that you find in the other prone foil boards. Heavier construction as well as insert options for straps are available on request.


5'1'', 5'5'', 5'9''

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